A project manager that understands

Momentum will be available to the public in early 2025.

Imagine a personalized operating system of work (OSW). This OSW must act as a project manager that understands you, your organization, the technologies you use, and the dynamically changing external environment. This OSW is Momentum, the future of management.

The video shows how Momentum relates this engineer’s individual goals to the company’s organizational goals.

The Challenge

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), “An estimated $48 trillion is invested in projects worldwide every year… [and] only 35% of these projects succeed.” Aligning individual and organizational goals is the key challenge for project success. Today, realignment is only possible through stopping the project, integrating new information, and restarting everyone in a new direction. This problem becomes more difficult as AI tools and agents take over more routine tasks. This stop-and-go pattern slows down output and decreases worker morale.

The Insight

I used to be a Director of Products at the largest private employer in the world (Walmart Labs), where I observed the complexities of project management. After leaving, I interviewed 600 executives and 400 individual contributors to see if others had similar experiences. The consensus was clear. The primary bottleneck in technology product development was not coding faster or individual capability.

The issue was aligning and updating teams, integrating new technologies, and understanding the broader impact of each task on organizational goals. These issues arise when project management is a separate discipline from work. It is considered to be an activity that enables efficient work, but not the work itself. What if project management was fully integrated into the worker’s ever-changing workflow and adapted the workflow dynamically without direct interference? Such a project management system would have to understand the worker, the organization, the objectives, and the technologies involved.

The Solution

Momentum’s operating system of work rests on three personas:

  1. AI Project Manager: Hierarchical planning

    • Momentum contains the organization’s hierarchy of goals. It reorganizes these goals in real time in response to inside or outside changes. It dynamically maps tasks to larger goals and provides a clear view of how each action contributes to the bigger picture.

  2. AI Product Manager: Train on goals, not history

    • Momentum continuously tracks and understands the evolving goals of every individual within the workplace, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.

  3. AI Personal Assistant: Build and integrate AI agents

    • Momentum helps build and integrate AI agents. This feature automates repetitive tasks and frees valuable time for employees to focus on higher-level strategic activities.

The Outcome

With Momentum, stopping work for status updates, central planning, documentation, dependency discussions, and information searches will no longer be necessary. Momentum ensures that these tedious tasks are handled in the background without distracting the worker, allowing professionals to focus on what truly matters.

I asked people about their dream superpower in the workplace. An impressive 61% wanted more clarity in group settings for faster alignment and better understanding among team members, free from communication barriers. Momentum addresses these deep-seated pain points, making work more exciting and rewarding.

As we look forward to our public launch in early 2025, I believe Momentum will revolutionize the workplace. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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