We are building Momentum for the world

We are on a mission to liberate humans from the burden of coordination. Momentum extends our prefrontal cortices. And yes, this cannot be done with Generative AI. Season one: Antifragile organizations

Momentum’s origins

I experienced the start of the Gen AI boom inside a storied VC firm. I saw a disconnect between the proclamations of an “AI revolution” and the incrementalist company ideas discussed in Silicon Valley. The old guard had seen how the “Cloud revolution” simply meant taking storage, compute, security, and other on-prem features to the cloud. Startups and venture firms could succeed without taking any business (product) risk to reimagine the world. With that bias, most startups settled for adding LLMs to already-existing business processes like email, CRM, company documents, coding, etc. My intuition told me that AI was a real revolution and that only companies that fundamentally reimagined the world would survive.

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I saw that Amin and Ali were reimagining things (Fig. 1). They had spent four years focused on turning community desires into action through various products. Throughout 2023 they conducted 1000 interviews with business leaders to find pain points, prototyped products, and discovered first-hand the limitations of Gen AI models. The world is finally discovering these limitations too. Highflying startups are being acqui-hired, big tech is tamping down Gen AI expectations, and researchers are questioning the economic impact of Gen AI.

Figure 1: (from left) Ehsan, Ali, and Amin on a late-winter day

Amin and Ali laid the foundations of Coordinative AI, which extends the human prefrontal cortex (PFC). The PFC is responsible for planning and action, which are the limitations of Gen AI. I decided to join them. I knew that we had to take this idea to the sector that needed to build the fastest: energy. The energy sector is going through a once-in-a-century transformation that affects adjacent sectors like mining, automotive, utilities, materials, etc. Amin encouraged me to leave the VC firm to study all of this, speak with leaders, and articulate my thoughts. Building The Meow Energy was a part of that process.

This Norooz (Iranian New Year) we are telling the world about Momentum (Fig. 2). In season one of Momentum we are giving birth to antifragile organizations. In the coming weeks, I will describe Momentum in more detail.

Figure 2: Teaching kids about Norooz

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From Tehran to Templemars

A combination I like

A scene I like

Michael Clayton: “I'm not the guy that you kill. I'm the guy that you buy. Are you so fucking blind you don't even see what I am?… I sold out Arthur for 80 grand and a three-year contract and you're gonna kill me?”

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